Generals of the West GT 2017


As promised; after the great success of the GotW RTT tournament in February – which the players ranked with an overall score of 4.2/5.0! – we proudly present to you:

The very first edition of:
Generals of the West – Grand Tournament [W40k]
November 11-12
Ticket price: 50€

Organized in cooperation with ClogCon 2017

You might have played on Grand Tournaments in the Netherlands before, but we’re taking things to the next level! The experience of our organization combined with your feedback on our previous tournament will guarantee an even better tournament experience!

You will have noticed the increase of admission price compared to our previous event, but we want to ensure you that this will be represented in the quality of our event!
The cooperation with ClogCon will provide that ‘Con’-feel with a multitude of different wargame tournaments being played. We’re also including two big buffet lunches, awesome prize support and great seating and tables with the GotW terrain you all liked so much!

Get ready for an epic slugfest of the best generals around the country and abroad!

Registration: Drop an email to us at !

After some discussions and deliberations we have a version 1.1 of the rules pack for your reading pleasure. Check the change log at the start of the document for an overview of the major changes, which include the new Chapter Approved rules as well as a change for Index and codex interaction. Also make sure you reread the army composition and army roster chapters (4.1/4.2)
If you have any further questions or remarks feel free to contact us via our email.

Rulespack can be found here!