Generals of the West RTT 2017

resultsThe detailed results can be found here! Curious about the winning armies? Check out all the Armylists.

imag0353_1Thanks to the awesome people at Tabletop Kingdom we have some sweet models to hand out as prizes for our glorious winners

On saturday februari 4th the Generals of the West are organising the first ‘Generals of the West Rogue Trader Tournament’.

During the tournament we will be playing with armies of 1850 points. Army composition will be done according to the ITC format. We will be using the latest GW FAQ’s and erratta’s. For any questions pertaining to  forgeworld the  ITC FAQ will be used.

The entry fee for the tournament is 17.50 euros, which gets you a sandwich and a nice reminder of the tournament. We will also be handing out prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as well as best painted army and sportsmanship. Registering for the tournament can be done by sending an email to

Updates to the rulespack!

Check out Sections:

  • 5.3 Terrain
  • 9 Pregame actions
  • Appendix D Errata and FAQ

The Appendix D contains some of the questions and their resulting answers and or rullings.
Daemon Players take notice! Horrors are explained here! Be aware that the pink horror entry from Wrath of Magnus replace the one found in the Chaos daemon book!

If you have any other questions be sure to send them in January 6th at the latest as the rulespack will be finalized January 7th!